Keeping Fit with a Non Invasive Weight Loss Balloon


Are you trying to lose weight but have not found much success in your efforts? Does it seem like surgery is the only option for you to successfully reach your dream weight? If you want to lose weight effectively but do not fancy the idea of going under the knife, a non invasive weight loss balloon would be an deal solution. Also called gastric balloon, this non-surgical and short-term solution to losing weight is ideal for people who do not meet the qualification of bariatric surgery. It’s also ideal for those who are required to lose weight prior to undergoing a surgical procedure. Or if you simply cringe on the thought of undergoing surgery to lose weight, getting a gastric balloon would definitely be a great option.


Weight loss procedures involving gastric balloons entail inserting a deflated balloon to your stomach. This is done through having the deflated balloon pass through your mouth, then your esophagus. Once the balloon is in place, it will then be inflated until it reaches grapefruit size. In this process, sterile saline solution will be utilized and introduced into the balloon through a syringe. It will take six months before the balloon can be removed after being deflated.


Six months to a year after removing the gastric balloon, you will need to work diligently with your doctor so you can maintain your ideal weight. This is achieved through improving your fitness and diet, as well as your mental health and host of other aspects. Initially, you will be lightly sedated so you can feel no discomfort while the balloon is inserted into your digested tract. This can take up to 30 minutes, after which you can expect to spend the next two hours in recovery. Once done, you will be able to rest at home. Take note that it makes a lot of difference for you to check-in regularly with your doctor while you have the balloon inside your body. And the same goes once the balloon is removed. Be sure to read more now!


It can take you up to three days to fully recover from a non invasive weight loss balloon procedure. And you will have to faithfully stick to a transition diet that your doctor will recommend. You will need to strictly follow this transition diet plan in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Make sure you steer clear of food that can end up sticking to your gastric balloon. It would be good to avoid food the likes of pasta. Make sure you drink water after eating so your balloon can be rinsed. Get into some more facts about weight loss, visit


During the six months of having the balloon in your stomach, you will be reducing your food consumption. You can also expect to have your brain re-trained to better foresee when your stomach will get full. During this time, you can benefit a lot from maintaining communicating constantly and openly with your doctor. Doing so will help you a lot in reaping optimal benefits from your gastric balloon. When you work well with your doctor, you can find yourself losing up to 50 pounds or possibly, even more. Be sure to check it out!

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